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All Learning Is Connected


Louise’s programs show teachers how to integrate literacy skills in meaningful ways and how to develop students’ critical thinking skills. Think! Like Socrates and Think! Like a Writer will incorporate the three major literacy shifts of the English Language Arts Common Core State Standards: 


  1. Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction and informational texts

  2. Reading and writing grounded in evidence from text

  3. Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary 


Investing in Teachers = Brighter Students


Investment in high quality professional development is the best investment a school system can make because the single most important factor in any child’s education is what his teachers know and can do. 


The extended engagement of the unique three-day Think! Like Socrates program and the one-day Think! Like a Writer program will provide deep learning for teachers and result in better thinking for students.


What Teachers are saying about Think! with Louise Miller

Benefits identified by Upper Elementary Teacher:

  • Higher order thinking

  • Engagement

  • Allows for another form of formative assessment

  • Adds variety to literature units (or even other subjects)

Benefits identified by Middle School Teacher:

  • Seminars give students a sense of control in the classroom

  • Being in a circle helps them feel more comfortable in sharing

  • Students get to see their peers actually analyzing and interpreting

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