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Think! Like Socrates

Socratic Seminars using the “shared inquiry” approach
Learn how and why to conduct Socratic Seminars using the
inquiry approach to interpreting literature.
Teachers will learn to:


  • Execute a proven strategy to engage all readers in higher-order thinking and collaborative problem solving

  • Improve critical thinking, reading comprehension, and academic achievement

  • Guide seminar discussions focused on interpretation of the author’s meaning

  • Use formal seminar dialogue to expand on close reading, teach speaking and listening skills, and prepare for exact writing

  • Focus on reading and writing grounded in evidence from the text


Three or five days of training, modeling, 
and coaching in your classrooms:


  • Upper Elementary (grades 4-5)

  • Middle School (grades 6-8)


Available in three formats:

3-day seminar for up to 6 teachers

5-day seminar for up to 12 teachers

5-day intensive for up to 6 teachers


Program Structure


Day 1

Visiting classrooms plus two-hour teacher training

Day 2

Modeling seminars in classes

Day 3

Coaching teachers as they lead seminars

Day 4

Modeling seminars in classes

Day 5

Coaching teachers as they lead seminars


Why Three Days?


This unique three-day training format provides for deep learning on the part of teachers who have opportunities to practice with support. The format combines one day of teacher training and class observations with one day of Louise modeling actual seminar discussions in classrooms, followed by one day of Louise observing and coaching classroom teachers as they lead seminar discussions.

For further information, contact:

Louise E. Miller, Ed.S., NBCT  at

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