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Think! Like A Writer

Workshops for all middle school teachers
Learn how and why to teach exact writing and integrate writing
with close reading and speaking and listening skills.

Inspiring Argumentative Writers


Teach students to:

  • Write clear, compelling, evidence-based argumentative papers

  • Read and discuss contemporary issues using arguments compiled by unbiased researchers at

  • Support claims with accurate and credible evidence
    from experts

  • Defend against counterclaims

  • Build knowledge through reading complex, content-rich nonfiction and informational texts


Quality Writing Teams

Inspiring Writers through Collaboration


Teach students to:

  • Write high-quality short essays and position papers

  • Collaborate as members of Learning Teams who will inspire one another to be better individual writers

  • Revise and edit team members’ writing with an
    emphasis on quality

  • Meet their own psychological needs for belonging, power, freedom, and fun through effective Learning Team membership (based on Dr. William Glasser’s Choice Theory educational philosophy)

For further information, contact:

Louise E. Miller, Ed.S., NBCT  at

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